Woodwork for kids

Woodworking is often seen as something that takes years to develop skill.

It can truly be a craftsman’s craft.

But every generation can find fun in woodworking, even if only on the simpler projects. If you have kids, you may already be aware of just how creative they are.

After all, by playing and exploring as kids we all learned about our world, right? Your own kids (or grandkids) have that same learning instinct.

My own children have always amazed me with their creativity. Of course I’ve had to give them suitable opportunity to demonstrate it, but they sure had it!

At first it was kind of scary seeing little hands holding potentially dangerous tools – hammers, saws, chisels and so on.

But I have learned to trust them over the years. Naturally I taught them how to use tools properly and safely. Safety should be emphasized from day one.

A side effect I hadn’t thought about in the early days was the improvements in their physical coordination. It takes fine motor skills to craft wood well. What a great way to allow your children to produce something of value AND develop at the same time. Of course you don’t have to let them use all the big, heavy power tools. You can do a surprising amount with just the basics.

Never underestimate the power of a child’s imagination to turn an old piece of 2 x 4 into something wonderful. Where some might see an old piece of wood, others can see a boat, a doll, a rocking horse, a chair – even a rocket ship! There’s no limit to a child’s imagination if you allow it to soar.

And there’s no limit to the joy of pure creation a child will experience when you allow and support their attempts.

If you are blessed enough to have children in your life and you look working with wood, why not share that joy with them? From simple whittling to making bespoke furniture, your children can help, learn and develop alongside you.